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Amy Diamond

Owner & Lead Instructor

Amy is the owner & lead instructor for Lil' Guppies Swim School.  Amy grew up on the east coast and fell in love with the water at a very young age. She was always the first one in the pool and the last one out!  Amy swam competitively from age 8 through college. She competed in butterfly, backstroke, the IM and freestyle relays and still enjoys swimming on Masters club teams. Amy has always loved working with children and so it was a perfect combination of passions to start teaching swim lessons at the young age of 15.  Amy has now taught lessons for over 25 years, and has lifeguarded and coached age group swim teams on both the east and west coasts.  She started Lil' Guppies Swim School in 2006 in Los Angeles, and recently upon relocating in 2020, has established a branch of the school in Sarasota, FL!  Amy is also an acupuncturist, children's book author, and mom to two boys, ages 11 and 5. They are the original lil' guppies and love swimming just as much as their mom! 


Meagan Richardson

Assistant Manager

Meagan joins our team from New York as both assistant manager and swim instructor for the Florida branch of Lil' Guppies.  She comes to the team with over 10 years of experience in both managerial duties and swim instruction. Meagan has worked as a babysitter, lifeguard and swim instructor specializing in water safety and success, and also has a background in working with special needs children. Meagan's passion for helping others has continued through her volunteer work on the ambulance, and she is now a certified EMT. She is ready to jump right in and meet our families!  


Shawn Mohamed

Shawn has been a swimming instructor and lifeguard for over seven years and has also served as a pool supervisor and swim coach at his local YMCA.  Shawn has worked with children and adults of all ages and skill levels, including infants and special needs children.  Shawn is very passionate about his role in teaching swimming and water safety and is a great asset to our team!


Adrian Moreno Silva

Adrian got his feet wet (literally!) when he started high school. He joined the water polo team, playing for all four years of school, and also swam competitively for 6 years. Adrian loved swimming so much he decided to embark into teaching young children the basics of water safety and swimming. Being a swim instructor became a true passion that Adrian continues to foster to this day.

Brad Ulbrich


Brad comes with over 11 years of experience teaching swimming, ranging from infants-adults.  Brad has also worked with special needs children with both physical and cognitive limitations.  In the past, Brad worked within the Disney Theme Parks playing characters such as Aladdin, Prince Eric, and Prince Charming!  Brad's background and experience along with his degree in Child Psychology have instilled in him key instincts when interacting with children of all backgrounds.  He was also a competitive swimmer for 15 years and captain of my varsity team.  He's got chlorine in his blood!  Brad is passionate about teaching swimming for so many reasons - he loves watching someone learn a new skill, especially one as important as swimming.  He loves watching people, especially children, grow more confident in themselves, and he loves helping people feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of every lesson.  

Naja Benson


Naja joined our team in 2021 because she wanted to share her love and passion for swimming with all ages! Naja has experience teaching all ages, including infants. Her goal is to help every infant, child and adult love the water and be water safe! As a swim coach, Naja has the ability to engage her students, help them overcome fears and inhibitions, and embrace the water with joy and confidence!  Naja graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Organizational Leadership and Development. She is currently an assistant administrative secretary at Friendship Pasadena Church in addition to teaching swim lessons and coaching a dance team of children ages two through twelve.



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Grace Fraga

Grace is an award winning swimmer. She has over 15 years of experience teaching swimming to kids and adults. During the off season, Grace teaches high school and tutors students. She loves teaching kids to be water safe. Grace also coaches swimmers and helps people stay fit. Her philosophy is, "You can learn
through discipline, hard work and laughter." Half drill sergeant, half comedian,Grace achieves excellent results. Whatever your goals may be, Grace will help you get there!


Heidi Zeiger

Heidi is a seasoned swimmer and instructor, and she loves to be around the water! She began competitively swimming in her teens and swam in high school and college for the University of New Mexico.  While competing, she also became a swim instructor and lifeguard. After graduating, she continued to teach swim lessons, coach a competitive swim team, and volunteer with the Special Olympics. She has over 7 years of experience teaching children and adults how to swim and always emphasizes creating a safe environment around any body of water! 

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Jasmin Benavides

Jasmin recently moved to California from Chicago. She has had multiple years experience teaching children of all ages in the water.  Jasmin finds being a swim instructor to be a rewarding experience that makes a significant impact on a child’s growth and confidence and loves being able to watch them develop over time! 


Sofie Wolfe

Sofie is currently attending the University of Pittsburgh's School of Nursing. She fell in love with the water in her freshman year of high school when she decided to try something new. After being moved to varsity, Sofie decided to try out for the water polo team as well. Her love of the water only grew after playing on the team for a few years and joining the club team in college. Sofie's natural leadership skills and dynamic personality carried over into becoming a swim instructor!  Sofie loves teaching and working with all ages!


Lily Izquierdo

Lily has been in the water since before she could walk! She is a self-taught swimmer who has had a passionate love of water her whole life. A Los Angeles local, Lily grew up swimming in the surf at Hermosa Beach and loves to go snorkeling around Southern California in the summers. She immediately fell in love with being a swim instructor and quickly moved up the ranks to becoming Lead Instructor within her first year of teaching.  She developed a keen eye for how our bodies move through the water and always focuses on teaching effective water safety skills and correct form at any given skill level. Lily loves to talk about the kinesthetics of swimming and help others understand the why's and how's of each skill and how those skills will improve her students' overall swimming abilities. Before working as a swim instructor, Lily was a counselor at an after school program for teenagers with special needs and even worked with some of those families outside of the program to help with supervision when there were gaps in coverage.


Matthew Noland

Matthew is currently a 3rd year student at San Diego State University. He grew up near the water in the South Bay and has always been drawn to the water and everything water sports-related! Matthew loves coaching age-group swim and water polo teams as well as being a swim instructor to all ages and skill levels!


Annie Biggs

Annie has been a competitive swimmer for 10 years, and a water polo player, swim coach, swim instructor and lifeguard for the past 4 years. Annie is currently a nursing student and loves all water activities whether it's in the pool or ocean! Annie loves teaching children to swim using fun and engaging games and skill-building acvitivies!


Nathan Bindschadler

Nathan grew up in Venice beach, CA, and learned to swim and surf by 7 years old. By the time he was in middle school, he had became skilled enough to teach his friends!  Upon going to boarding school for high school, Nathan started a surf club.and began teaching swim lessons in 2012. Nathan has also coached lacrosse for several years and started what has now become the Santa Monica high school team. Nathan is a natural born waterbug, coach and educator, and enjoys surfing, swimming, playing board games and helping people learn.


Madeline McKim

Madeline is currently a student at Loyola Marymount University studying Communications and Business Administration. She found her joy for the water at a young age and grew up swimming competitively all over the world -one of the benefits of growing up in a military family! She went on to become a state finalist in twelve events during her four years of high school swimming. Teaching soon became one of Madeline’s passions after volunteering with her local club team to introduce kids to the competitive swimming world in a Summer Splashes program. Madeline’s love for working with children in the water has continued to grow and she worked with many ages and types of swimmers over the last five years. Madeline’s goal is to help individuals find a comfortable relationship with the water, so they can enjoy swimming safely!


Nicole Agricola

Nicole is a fun, dedicated swim instructor who has loved the pool for as long as she can remember! She first joined her local swim team at age 6 and she spent the summers of her teen years competing, teaching and coaching younger kids so they could one day do the same. She has experience with teaching all ages including infants and adults.